CARAT Remote Maintenance

Fast, direct assistance

Sometimes you just can’t get any further on your own. For such moments CARAT Remote Maintenance is ideal.  If you have a question about the use of our products which cannot be answered by phone or e-mail, our service staff will help you using the CARAT Remote Maintenance system.  The advantages: fast, direct, expert and reliable support.

How does the Remote Maintenance service work?

The process is really simple – there is no installation required.  Just start by clicking on the above link to CARAT Remote Maintenance and confirm that you wish to start the session. This will open a small window in which your personal access code will appear. By telling this code to a CARAT service employee you can make an appointment on short notice during which a CARAT service professional will be able to provide specific instructions or work directly through your computer.

Only with your express permission!

  • CARAT Remote Maintenance can only and will only be started and used with your prior express permission
  • You can choose whether you allow only visual access to your screen or whether you permit us to operate certain functions on your computer – it’s up to you
  • You can end the Remote Maintenance session at any time
  • We treat your data confidentially and will not disclose it to any third parties

Please note: You decide which data we can access and which we cannot.  We will not look at or save any personal data stored on your computer and we can only see your computer for as long as you allow it. 

Would you like to make use of our Remote Maintenance service with the help of one of our service staff members? If so, then please do not hesitate to make an appointment!