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What is CARAT service?

Controlling assembly and service appointments has never been so easy! With CARAT service, your appointments can be created for the first time directly from the cloud-based kitchen design program and are transmitted to the CARAT service app of the responsible installer. The documentation of the installation is also done intuitively in the app.

The result: a completely digital acceptance protocol with the end customer's signature, which is transferred back to the cloud-based design software immediately after completion.

The advantages of CARAT service in the CARAT cloud portal:


  • Automatic transfer of all important data from the design program
  • Structured order overview with current status of all assembly orders
  • Intuitive assignment of orders to installers
  • Acceptance protocols and photos of all orders
CARAT Küchenplanungssoftware Interface

The advantages of the CARAT service app for installers:


  • Available for smartphones and tablets
  • All information and documents clearly arranged in one place
  • Complete documentation of the assembly with photos
  • Creation of digital acceptance protocols with signature of the end customer
  • Direct transmission of the acceptance protocol to the CARAT cloud
CARAT service app for installers


Step by step to the digital acceptance protocol: Thanks to the perfect interaction of CARAT cloud and the CARAT service app, the salesperson, dispatcher and installer are optimally guided through the entire assembly process. Learn more about the most important components here.

Create order

Easy creation of assembly orders with relevant documents such as floor plans, design pictures and instructions directly in the design program

Schedule order

Uncomplicated planning and scheduling of single-day or multi-day assembly orders with the help of a clear calendar function

Assign order

Quick assignment of orders to the responsible installer plus order overview with current status of all orders: open, in assembly, assembled

Documenting the assembly

Direct access to documents and complete digital documentation of the assembly, including photos of previous damages, complaints, etc. via the app

Customer signature

Digital signature of the acceptance protocol by installer and customer via smartphone or tablet display directly in the app

Central filing

Automatic transfer of the installation report including all attachments back to the CARAT cloud immediately after completion

Clean and smooth assembly. Optimised time and cost expenditure. Enthusiastic customers and assembly teams.

Enthusiastic customers and assembly teams.

Download now free of charge

To be able to use CARAT service, your installer needs the CARAT service app on his or her smartphone or tablet. This app can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android devices. Simply scan the QR code and download the app!

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You too can benefit from the advantages of simplified digitalised assembly handling and use CARAT service for optimal creation and control of your appointments. You can order quickly and conveniently using our form.

CARAT service

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