CARAT Virtual Reality – VR

Experience your own, unique virtual kitchen presentation with CARAT VR

  • Give your customers the chance to dive into the world of their new kitchen
  • Enable your customers a whole new sense of the space and make it therefore easier to make a purchase decision
  • Present your design at the push of a button in a virtual setting
  • Implement requested changes immediately and present the adapted design on the spot
  • Use, with CARAT VR, your competitive advantage

Order now and profit!

CARAT Virtual Reality – Modul 3O

Yes, we would like to use the CARAT Virtual Reality – VR function.
Please activate module 3O for us, for 39, - EUR / month per VR-workstation.


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Valid are the general trading conditions, already agreed and all prices, plus VAT, are valid from 2020-12-01. Yes, we have been informed about the requirements for a frictionless operation of VR glasses with CARAT. The VR glasses are not included in the scope of delivery of CARAT. Calculation commences after provision of the module, on the 1. of the following month.