CARAT Features

One software – many possibilities

Kitchen design can be so easy – as long as you have the right software. CARAT's features have already convinced many kitchen studios throughout Europe. Let yourself be inspired by the simple and clear user interface and the technical refinement of the CARAT design program. Get “Fascination Design” into your kitchen business.

CARAT will be by your side every step of the design process. This includes a sophisticated price-change and discount system, so you and your client will get the best possible benefits. Kitchen professionals can design quickly and intuitively on a familiar Windows interface. Consultants can show prospective customers their kitchen at any time with photo-quality real-time graphics, on screen or through a projector.

If the customer changes his/her mind, that’s no problem - CARAT is flexible: designs and quotes can be updated automatically in the blink of an eye. And for those who like it to be even more interactive: a moving camera shot through the finished dream kitchen with output as a video-file is also possible, as is the three-dimensional movie experience of "CARAT Cinema".

An Overview of CARAT’s Features


  • Quick learning-curve
  • Simple, user-friendly operation
  • Works with a familiar Windows interface
  • Adaptable to your work environment
  • Integrated user's manual


  • Manage users on an individual basis
  • Track changes with the logbook
  • Use it on-the-go (notebook)
  • Yield calculations
  • Simple, transparent price calculations
  • Reproduce typical industry price-calculation models
  • Import package data, tables of values and core product lines directly
    from industry or associations
  • Package advantage check
  • Online program and catalogue updating
  • Automatic archiving
  • Clear job order management
  • Plan meetings
  • Pre- and post- costing calculations
  • Custom configuration of forms and print-outs
  • Access to all item prices


  • Design quickly and intuitively
  • Design floor-plan layouts easily including roof pitches, windows and doors
  • Countertops, skirting, lighting fixtures, platbands, etc. can be generated automatically
  • Accessory items can be found automatically
  • Design even faster with the CARAT QuickClick function
  • Create a design and a price quote simultaneously, with updates in real time Automatic supplier price comparison
  • Design/use different models
  • Kitchen-specific positioning and numbering
  • Sophisticated price change and discount system
  • Open design of countertops, etc.
  • (Automatic) addition of matching decoration
  • Intelligent item search
  • Easy design changes

Design Assurance

  • Viability of chosen variants can be automatically checked
  • Traffic light system for generating price quotes
  •  Package price calculation with separate purchase and sales price optimization
  • Profit margin - requirements and limits can be shown
  • Reliable order processing

The Presentation

  • Photo-quality real-time graphics
  • Customers can view perspectives on a second monitor or a projector
  • Choose from a range of artistic representations
  • Slide-show
  • Moving camera shot with output as a video file
  • Display on screen in stereo or as a print-out for 3D glasses
  • CARAT Cinema display in 3D

Add-on Modules

  • Manage store branches/franchises
  • Manage open items Statistics, e.g. for offers made and kitchens sold
  • Centralized control of job orders
  • Centralized comparison of client data with design-exchange between branches
  • Incorporate customers’ designs into CARAT using the CARAT Online Planner
  • Plan exhibitions


  • Design using original manufacturer's data including equipment descriptions
  •  (high degree of collaboration with industry)
  • Catalogues are made available early
  • Design-optimized catalogue data (reminders about lighting, skirting boards, countertop cut-outs, etc.)
  • Quality assurance
  • Manufacturer catalogues available in several languages
  • Online updates

Data Sharing

  • Electronic ordering through e-COM and Tradeplace
  • Electronic manufacturer-supplier comparison
  • E-mail sending through CARAT including PDF attachments
  • Connection to CARAT Online Planner
  • Integration with CARAT iQ's CRM system
  • CAD integration for exhibition planning


  • Modular design
  • Single and multi-user versions
  • Customizable, e.g. user interfaces and rights


  • 32-bit Windows system
  • Network capability
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Output on second monitor or projector possible
  • Our own "Made in Germany" software