CARAT Management

A blueprint for success

CARAT's Directors:
Norbert Michael, Andreas Joost & Andreas Günther

Brief Vita | Norbert Michael

Norbert Michael, born in 1957, has been the managing director at CARAT since 2003 and is responsible for the organization and development of the kitchen design program of the same name.

After completing his studies in Physics Technology, Norbert Michael worked for five years at Siemens in the field of EDP and organization until moving to CARAT in 1998.

Norbert Michael is responsible for the company’s user processes, customer service area, and personnel.

Brief Vita | Andreas Joost

Andreas Joost started his career in the kitchen industry during his computer science studies already. In this period he came into contact with kitchen design software as an IT expert in a sales agency of a kitchen manufacturer for the first time. This topic has fascinated him ever since.

Andreas Joost has been involved with CARAT since 2000 and plays a key role in shaping the product range since then. By now is the Hanauer, born in 1962 (Hanau, a town near Frankfurt am Main), managing director of CARAT for many years and is responsible for development, support, organisation and technology.

Brief Vita | Andreas Günther

Andreas Günther, born in 1979, started his CARAT career in 2011. After his studies of business economics; he worked in the international timber industry and gained thus important international experience. In 2011, the native of East Westphalia became part of the growing CARAT team.

In the CARAT management team is Andreas Günther since 2019 responsible for marketing and sales both domestically and abroad. He speaks German, English and French.