Customers on CARAT

What do clients think about CARAT
This small selection of references shows you why many kitchen professionals have already chosen CARAT. 

Kartheuser & Traichel GbR, in 04860 Torgau, Mr. Kartheuser:

“Since changing systems to CARAT three years ago, designing and working has become much more fun. This is because CARAT is very easy to use. Designs can be created and developed quickly and effectively, thanks to the extensive range of features at your disposal.” 

Möbel Ritter GmbH / Möbelritter Hettstedt GmbH, in 06507 Gernrode / 06333 Hettstedt, Uwe Ritter:

“CARAT is user-friendly and clear, allowing for a fast learning-curve. With special features like, for example, the hidden design values, CARAT offers an optimal overview of the commercial aspects even at the design stage.”

SKL Elektro- & Küchenland GmbH, 15907 Lübben, Danny Sklomeit:

“Since switching from another system, our company has now been working with CARAT to our full satisfaction. CARAT is very user-friendly and saves a lot of time. This can be seen in the continuous program and important data updates, among other things.” 

MS Ihr Küchenteam GbR, in 28832 Achim-Uphusen, Mr. Möller:

"With CARAT, the results of the design can be displayed with excellent graphics. The CARAT team not only stands out for its great user hotline but, as a client, you also feel very well looked-after." 

Helmut Losert Kitchen Studio, 35216 Biedenkopf, Helmut Losert, owner:

"I know all the systems on the market. What convinces me about CARAT is its easy operation, its wide variety of features, and its value for your money." 

Kochems Interior Design, 56112 Lahnstein, Mr. Kochems, owner:

"We have been CARAT users since 1992 and are very satisfied with its performance. We design kitchens down to the smallest detail and this is the best way to highlight our performance features. Our kitchen design presentation amazes and inspires customers, time and time again. That speaks well for our success." 

Küchendesign Brigitte Schoch, in 78727 Oberndorf, Brigitte Schoch, owner:

"As someone who switched over to CARAT, I find the ease of operation especially noteworthy.  CARAT finally allows clean price determinations to be made." 

Möbel Dau GmbH, in 79418 Schliengen, Manfred Dau, Managing Director:

"CARAT provides perfect communication and responds immediately to market changes. The CARAT team is characterized by having an extremely cooperative disposition and a super hotline." 

Küchen Heubeck, in 90461 Nuremberg, Brigitte Heubeck, owner:

"The ease of operation makes perfect, seamless designing possible!" 

Küchenkultur Einrichtungshaus GmbH, in A-1220 Vienna, Werner Schreiber, owner:

"After presentations from several different suppliers, we decided to go with CARAT!  The reason for it was that we liked its photo-quality realism the best, and because the program provides customers with great colour perspectives in a very simple and fast way.  In the course of using the program so far, we have also noticed that updates are very simple to incorporate and new catalogue information is made available very quickly.  With features like these, we won’t have to worry about changing providers!” 

Oester Küchen, in CH-4922 Bützberg, Rüdi Oester, owner:

"Between 1985 and 2002, we worked with several different kitchen design systems.  In 2002, we switched to the CARAT system and it has proven to offer easier and better operation for design.  Catalogues are continuously updated and can be downloaded from the Internet at any time.  Technical details are easy to integrate, the creation of our own catalogues is much easier, and it is possible to display all the different perspectives with photo-quality realism.  Furthermore, we are now capable of taking on different types of projects (kitchen renovations/single kitchens/even full exhibition planning!).  We can carry out a comprehensive calculation, which bears up against a final costing analysis.  CARAT has convinced us, both with its price and its performance! With CARAT, we are confident that we can fulfil the wishes of our clients quickly and easily." 

DAN Küchen GmbH, in A-4040 Linz, Hubert Wögerbauer, IT manager:

"The acquisition and modification of the DAN data was performed by the CARAT team on time and to our complete satisfaction." 

Miele Gesellschaft mbH, A-5071, Walz, MA / CAD Design - Miele Professional / Kitchens and Trade-fairs, Franz Skofic:

"Designing with CARAT kitchen software is a lot of fun for us. Kitchen design with photo-quality realism is very attractive and convincing for our customers.”