CARAT Notebook Administration

Operating procedure in the home office

In the wake of the onward worsening CORONA pandemic, many kitchen studios currently have to keep their sales rooms closed again, and send their employees to their home offices.

With the CARAT notebook administration, the business processes can keep on running. Employees can continue to work on quotations and orders, for example.
For the best possible support, the notebook administration (Module 4N) will, after ordering, be activated - to begin with free of charge for 3 month.


It is important to note that the number ranges per computer/notebook must first be changed on the copied installation. Hence you prevent that existing number ranges for customers, quotations etc are being overwritten when the commission is restored to the main computer/server, which could then lead to chaos.

For question about the installation of the notebook administration, please send an e-mail to the CARAT Hotline:, citing "CARAT notebook administration" as reference and your client number. Our colleagues are glad to help you.

Please note, that this only applies for companies without subsidiary administration.

Companies that have the subsidiary administration, but do not use the notebook administration yet, please also contact the CARAT Hotline by e-mail:, citing "CARAT notebook administration" as reference and your client number for support.




Yes, we would like to accept the CARAT offer.

Please activate the CARAT notebook administration (module 4N) for us, for the next 3 month free of charge.

If no written cancellation has been received, module 4N will be charged at a price of 11,- EUR/Month per module set per 5 workstations, after the free activation period has expired.

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