CARAT Online Planner

Acquisition of customers made easy

Do you also wonder once in a while how to acquire customers cost-efficiently? If so, put the new CARAT Online Planner on your website.

Your Advantages:

  • Alluring new contacts
  • Seamless integration into your homepage
  • Runs on all devices – also smartphones – without download
  • Interested parties can draft their ideas quick and easy
  • Easy transfer of the data into the CARAT design

It is this simple:

Perfect for mobile devices

More and more costumers are using the internet only on mobile devices. The CARAT Online Planner is the ideal tool to win these customers. The kitchen design succeeds effortlessly on the tablet. And thanks to our new Kitchen Assistant, even designing on a smartphone becomes a piece of cake.



Kitchen Assistant – Design a kitchen quickly and simply with artificial intelligence

With the new CARAT Kitchen Assistant, customers can have automatic design suggestions displayed to match their floor plan. For this, the Kitchen Assistant uses artificial intelligence, which first analyses the room and then calculates several possible design options. The Kitchen Assistant takes into account the basic rules of design and the ideal layout of the kitchen in the area's cooking, rinsing, preparing and storing.

The design suggestions of the Kitchen Assistant can be supplemented or changed, as desired. This makes it even easier for customers to sketch their ideas playfully and get in contact with your kitchen studio afterwards.

Convince yourself and start the CARAT Online Planner here:

CARAT online planner demo

  • Enter the floor plan
  • Select the appropriate planning proposal - adjust it as you wish
  • Send contact form *

*The CARAT Online Planner contact form is for demonstration purposes only. We will not read nor answer requests.

Interested? - Order today!

CARAT Online Planner Marketing Package

Setup fee, one-time 490,- €
Fee per Lead** 12,- €
Monthly base price (including 5 Leads) 60,- €


**A chargeable lead is a contact, consisting of a kitchen design with an e-mail address confirmed by the prospective customer, made available to the client. The lead will only be charged if the e-mail can be delivered to the suitor.



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