CARAT Hardware Recommendation

The basis for your success

A tip before you start: in order to ensure the smooth operation of your computer, please be sure to check the CARAT hardware requirements and network configuration with our CARAT Support staff.

With CARAT you are choosing a highly sophisticated graphics program which allows kitchen designing in brilliant picture and colour quality. While similar systems may require long processing times to run, CARAT only takes a few seconds to make a real-time tour through your planned kitchen, for example. To really have fun with CARAT Kitchen Design Software, we recommend the use of high-performance, high-quality hardware.

Following you will find detailed information about the technical components and the network configuration.

Getting the right hardware

Electronics discount stores often offer computers with a myriad of features at a cheap price.  We do not recommend the purchase of such all-inclusive systems as, in our experience, they can lead to irregular functioning and/or reduced performance.

Not every kitchen specialist is also a hardware expert - and they don’t have to be.  Supply and maintenance of equipment should be left in the hands of professionals.  You can have a dealer put together a custom system for you with all the necessary hardware requirements.  We are happy to check hardware offers which our customers receive from third party service providers.

CARAT will also run on less powerful computers but with reduced performance.  If you already own a PC, please contact us. The CARAT support team would be glad to verify your hardware and give you valuable advice.