CARAT Cinema

Get people excited about kitchens

3D movies are filling the box office; we bring the same success into your kitchen studio. With CARAT Cinema, customers can move through their future kitchen allowing them to get an incomparable feel for it. CARAT Cinema creates more enthusiasm for kitchens, which brings more customers into your store.

More 3D depth with CARAT Cinema Get people keen on kitchens with CARAT Cinema.

Give your customers an unforgettable experience by letting them get a feel for their dream-kitchen live and up close while it is still in the planning stage. The modern projection system and the brand-new CARAT Cinema 3D LCD shutter-glasses technology give space and depth to kitchens designed using CARAT Kitchen Design Software.

Invite your customers into a new dimension in kitchen presentations. In the darkened screening room, the planned kitchen appears life-size and in colour. Facings, tiling, spacing and details will all be visible. Give your customers a fascinating insight into their new kitchen. In your screening room, prospective buyers can marvel today at their kitchen of tomorrow. They experience what they are buying - and convinced customers are satisfied customers.

The CARAT 3D Cinema package includes:

  • Projector and mounting rack
  • 3D LCD shutter-glasses
  • Projection screen
  • Work station


We would be happy to inform you about all the details of CARAT Cinema.