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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

In the wake of the onward worsening CORONA pandemic, many kitchen studios currently have to keep their sales rooms closed. And due to the new behavioural measures advised by official authorities, prospective customers will also adjust their buying behaviour and intensify their online activities.

With the CARAT Online Planner, we would like to offer you the opportunity – especially in this difficult situation for all companies – to continue to win new customers on your website.

That is why CARAT supports you – in these challenging times – with Corona emergency aid special conditions for the Online Planner, initially for a limited time for orders until June 30th, 2020. These offer you the following relief:

  • The one-time setup fee is reduced from 490,- EUR to 190,- EUR
  • The monthly base price (incl. 5 Leads*) amounting to 60,- EUR is waved for 3 month
  • The fee of 12,- EUR pro Lead* – in addition to the base price – is waved for 3 month

The CARAT Online Planer is the ideal tool to attract increased attention to your company and win new customers, especially right now.

The kitchen design succeeds effortlessly on the tablet. And thanks to our new Kitchen Assistant, designing is even possible on a smartphone. Customers can draw their floor plan, plan furniture and select their colour desired. All functions are optimised for use on touchscreens. Of course, use with a PC or notebook is just as easy.

With the new CARAT Kitchen Assistant, customers can have automatic design suggestions displayed to match their floor plan. For this, the Kitchen Assistant uses artificial intelligence, which first analyses the room and then calculates several possible design options. The design suggestions of the Kitchen Assistant can be supplemented or changed, as desired. This makes it even easier for customer to sketch their ideas playfully and get in contact with your kitchen studio afterwards.

Please use only the provided order form, for orders at the above mentioned special conditions.

With kind regards,
Your CARAT-Team

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* A chargeable lead is a contact, consisting of a kitchen design with an e-mail address confirmed by the prospective customer, made available to the client. The lead will only be charged if the e-mail can be delivered to the suitor.