CARAT company history

From 1989 to the present

The CARAT company history begins in 1989 when kitchen design was still in its infancy.  The demands on professional designing have grown steadily since then, and with them, the quality and range of CARAT products.

2020 CARAT introduces the unique site measuring app "EasyRoom"
Once downloaded from the App or Google Play store, customers can measure the room without the slightest effort – regardless of how many corners, windows or doors. Even if the old kitchen is still in the room.

2020 CARAT is again the winner of the "markt intern" performance comparison kitchen design software
For the third time in a row, CARAT has emerged as test winner of the survey amongst furniture stores and kitchen studio's.

2020 CARAT enables with the new function "Kitchen and Space" design of kitchen and living space in one system
With "Kitchen and Space" CARAT provides the perfect solution. Easy planning of cabinet systems. Whether for room dividers with sliding doors, cabinet interior systems with variable furnishings or built-in cabinets.

2019 – Industry novelty - CARAT equips the Online planner with artificial intelligence
With the new CARAT Kitchen Assistant, customers can have automatic design suggestions displayed to match their floor plan.

2019 CARAT introduces VR-Real Time-Technology
With CARAT Virtual Reality and a VR glasses, CARAT turns the unique virtual kitchen presentation into a very special experience.

2018 CARAT introduces with the Academy a new E-Learning portal
The CARAT Academy offers users the possibility to become acquainted with interesting information about the CARAT kitchen design software. Offered is an extensive range of seminars that can be booked online and video tutorials in several languages.

2018 CARAT establishes an own company in France
Since January has CARAT been active on the French market with its own company: CARAT France SARL with its headquarters in Strasbourg.

2018 CARATvision - The new dimension in graphical presentation
With the introduction of CARATvision, CARAT offers a completely new quality of presenting the kitchen in real time. Perfect light and shadow settings and present your kitchen in a realistic design.

2017 Kitchen on the smartphone or tablet in 3D - CARAT inspires with the introduction of the CARATview VR App
The CARATview VR app delights customers with its unique 360°-effect on their smartphone or tablet. CARATview VR enables, with VR-spectacles, the presentation of the kitchen in 3D on a smartphone.

2017 Introduction of the new user interface "New Design"
CARAT converts his tried and tested kitchen design software to a completely new technical, visual and user-oriented interface without losing its high functionality, giving it a new face. The result: "New Design".

2016 CARAT opens an Asian subsidiary in China
The opening of the office is a logical step and at the same time the beginning of a new, groundbreaking chapter as part of our international expansion.

2015 CARAT acquires the in Bremen based enterprise resource planning provider guh

2014 CARAT introduces the excellent presentation technology "Raytracer"
Surface structures are rendered in high definition so that they can hardly be distinguished from an original photo.

2013 CARAT develops a module for the active involvement of customers (Order tracking)

2011 CARAT opens up new markets in Asia

2010 - CARAT Cinema is presented. 3D fascination makes its way into the kitchen studio.  Kitchen designs are displayed up close and in three dimensions.

2008 - CARAT opens a sales office in Spain.

2007 - CARAT acquires DATAFORM, ensuring close cooperation with industry. Data quality and updating is greatly improved.

2006 - Presentation of CARAT exhibition design. With the exhibition design system, kitchen design studios and showrooms can be planned and displayed in their entirety.

2005 - Presentation of the CARAT moving camera shot. Users can make an even more modern and professional impression.

2004 - CARAT has more than 4,000 users worldwide and is being used in 43 different countries, in 12 different languages.

2003 - CARAT acquires Schuler Technodat and increases its market share further.

2002 - CARAT is the market leader in the industry.

2001 - Acquisition of ORGA DATA TEAM AG.

2001 - e-COM, the revolutionary interface for electronic order processing, is introduced.

1999 - CARAT becomes active abroad and is market leader in Belgium and Luxembourg.

1998 - Conversion from MS DOS to Windows, with graphic user interface for the first time.

1996 - CARAT welcomes its 1,000th user.

1995 - New development as fully integrated design software. Commercial and design aspects run parallel to each other allowing sources of error to be found more quickly and eliminated.

1992 - CARAT presents a colour perspective-representation of a designed kitchen for the first time at the Cologne Furniture Trade-fair.

1989 - CARAT Kitchen Design Software is launched in an MS DOS environment.

1989 - CARAT is founded. The aim is to develop an effective kitchen design program.

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Are you interested in how it all began? The CARAT company history explains our important milestones and how we became who we are today.