With CARAT you are always a step ahead

Vision comes from the Latin word “visio,” meaning "seeing." The CARAT Vision is truly based on that word. We strive to see what customers need and foresee where current trends are going – or when new ones need to be set.

In 1987 CARAT recognized the potential for a flexible, demand-oriented software for the kitchen trade and immediate began to develop one. Since then, we have always striven to be on top in order to offer our customers the best possible tool for their sales success. The CARAT Vision: to keep our team always close to our customers and develop tools and features which are groundbreaking in our field.

Selling is emotion. We think it is very important to captivate customers through all their senses. CARAT offers a wide range of compelling options - whether you display your photo-realistic design on the computer screen, print it out as a drawing, or present it using the CARAT Cinema 3D movie system. The CARAT Vision: you will amaze your customers, and consolidate and increase your sales revenue.