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What is the CARAT planner?

With the CARAT planner on your website, interested parties and potential kitchen buyers can pre-design their dream kitchen conveniently and easily using various design templates. And they can do this on any device - including tablets and smartphones - completely without any download! After completion, you will receive the prospective buyer's contact details and design.

This provides you with an excellent basis for subsequent contact and allows you to professionally elaborate the preliminary design. The best prerequisites, therefore, for the sales talk!

Your Advantages:


  • Alluring new contacts
  • Seamless integration into your homepage
  • Runs on all devices without download
  • Playful way for prospective customers to sketch ideas quickly and easily
  • Site measuring from the easyroom app can be transferred directly to the CARAT planner
  • Easy transfer of data into the CARAT design program for professional elaboration
CARAT planner - Your Advantages

Convince yourself!

Try out CARAT planner for yourself with our demo version:

  • Enter floor plan
  • Select a fitting design proposal
  • Send contact form*

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* The contact form of the CARAT planner demo is for demonstration purposes only. Requests will not be read or answered by us.

Convince yourself!

Kitchen Assistant Artificial intelligence that helps with kitchen design

More and more end customers are exclusively using mobile devices on the internet. With the Kitchen Assistant, designing is child's play even on a smartphone:

  • End customers can have automatic planning design displayed to match their floor plan
  • The Kitchen Assistant uses artificial intelligence, which first analyses the room and then calculates several possible design variants
  • The Kitchen Assistant takes into account basic design rules and the ideal layout of the kitchen in cooking, rinsing, preparation and storage zones
  • The Kitchen Assistant's suggestions can be supplemented and changed as desired


[Translate to english:] Künstliche Intelligenz, die bei der Küchenplanung hilft

Give prospective kitchen buyers space for inspiration: 

Playfully pre-design the new dream kitchen. Implement your own ideas. Try it out for yourself.  

This is how you arouse enthusiasm and emotions. From the first click! 

Everything in it!

The CARAT planner marketing package includes the following modules and functions:

  • 3D design software for web and mobile devices
  • Kitchen Assistant for the creation of automatic design proposals
  • Neutral kitchen furniture catalogue
  • Integrated templates for 5 standard kitchens
  • Integrated lead generation workflow
  • Direct transfer of data into CARAT to create a professional design
  • Integration of the company logo and consideration of the company colours
CARAT planner marketing package

Prices and order

You want to generate contacts with new customers from your website? Then you too can rely on the CARAT planner as a valuable tool for customer acquisition. Order easily and conveniently directly via our form.

CARAT planner

The one-time setup fee


Fee per lead**


Monthly base price (including 5 leads)


* Valid for all users of the macrocom Online planner | ** A chargeable lead is a contact, consisting of a kitchen design with an e-mail address confirmed by the prospective customer, made available to the client. The lead will only be charged if the e-mail can be delivered to the suitor. | *** plus VAT

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